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25 Years ibb

Ingenieurbüro Bismark GmbH (ibb) celebrated its 25st anniversary on July 1st 2015.

The introduction of the ‘new’ German currency on July 1st 1990 laid the foundation for the development of new business relationships. This company was one of the first newly founded corporations within the boundaries of the former district of Magdeburg and hence received the register number 4.

Ibb initially started to work in the small idyllic village of ‘Poritz’ – part of the municipality of Bismark. Just one year after founding the company, in the summer of 1991, ibb had grown so much that the premises in ‘Poritz’ became too small. The company prepared a move to Bismark and bought a property of 3000 m2 along ‘Wartenberger Chaussee’ and built a factory hall of 15m x 30m. And so, this positive development continued.

The sales revenues increased year after year and the business segments were extended. The business division of engineering and installation of heating systems and the installation of sanitary equipment as well as construction planning and construction management were added.

The opening of the new office building was celebrated in the summer of 1992. Furthermore there were substantial investments for equipment.

Today ibb is a very modern, efficient and high-performance steel construction company. We dispose of 6000 m2 of production space, which is equipped with the latest processing technology. The number of employees has risen from 2 in 1990 to 55 employees in 2010. Currently there are 5 metalworkers in training with the company in order to be able to provide qualified staff.

A particular core element of the company is the manufacturing of steelwork construction of our own designs. Our range of products is very divers. We construct everything, from small products, such as stairs, stages and platforms to the assembly of turnkey production halls, car dealerships or complete production facilities.

However, a very special segment of our product range is the design, planning, manufacturing and assembly of air traffic control towers. The highlights of this division were the air traffic control tower in Athens and Ulan-Bator (Mongolia), the tower in the British Virgin Islands as well as in Mongomeyen in Equatorial Guinea.

We would like thank our many customers for their loyal and close cooperation over many years and we hope to continue the positive development of ibb.


ibb is always in action!
ibb is always in action!